Delicate Clothes Detergent

Conventional detergent can be harsh on fabrics and it is not very difficult to perceive the damage on clothes. As a result delicate clothes tend to get worn out faster. Soapnuts are particularly good for delicate and expensive clothes such as silk and wool. Being gentle on fabric, they prolong the life of expensive clothes that you may have bought so lovingly.

Traditional or ethnic dresses across several countries in the world tend to be dyed in natural colours. Often consumers find that naturally-dyed clothes tend to get faded and washed-out over time using conventional detergents. Soapnuts on the other hand help clothes retain their natural colour.

Additionally soapnuts also leave your clothes feeling soft and fresh without the use of an artificial fabric softener. Clothes washed with soapnuts are fragrance-free but you may choose to add a few drops of your essential oil of your liking.