Laundry for your 'Little ones'

Our infants are our life's investment in the future. Like any other investment, our babies come with their terms and conditions, maintenance fees and the whole nine yards; but the returns are pretty high and satisfying. A healthy baby is a wealthy future

      Given the motherly/ fatherly instincts that grow into us, we know that our babies have sensitive skins, and we tend to buy the softest linens and fabrics to keep our babies comfortable. Most of us fail to complete the process of 'utmost care', mainly failing when it comes to the laundry of our babies clothes.

     Conventional detergents that claim to be baby-proof and filled with fragrances are hands down, not suitable for washing your babies' clothes. Behind the fragrant liquids, there are strong chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate that causes skin irritation and can aggravate eczema and psoriasis among children and babies.  So the next time you see red rashes on your child's skin, throw that bottle of detergent away and click here to see a natural alternative that has ZERO chemicals and no toxins and made from organic and wild soapnuts

      Our little angels go through a teething phase where they are prone to chewing and biting any clothes they can get their hands on. We do not realize that this can lead to the ingestion of harmful chemicals left as residue on our homes' fabric. So ask your self if your home is baby-proof ?.
     Using warm water during the wash cycle seems to be the most convenient cleaning of diapers. Still, when it comes to alternatives for laundry detergents, there are so many companies that make laundry detergents liquid only for babies. But it's not only their clothes that need to be baby-proof; hence, a solution is a solution made of Soapnuts safely used for washing clothes of adult and infants.
BubbleNut Wash products made from soapnuts make it very convenient for users to switch over to natural and safe cleaning medium. Click here to know more

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