Natural Laundry Detergent - [1.8 Liters]

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BubbleNut Wash
BubbleNut Wash
BubbleNut Wash
BubbleNut Wash

Frequently asked questions

Is it suitable for all fabrics? Can I use it for daily wash/cleaning without any damage to garments? Can white clothes be washed too?
I am a sportsperson. I sweat and stain my clothes a lot. Is it as useful as stronger detergents with chemicals in them?
Are your products completely organic, natural, vegan, and biodegradable?
Can I use it on my infant’s garments?
I am prone to skin allergies; is it safe for me? Do you use any fragrances?
Can I use it for top-load and front-load machines? How much to use?
Why does your product only have a light fragrance after wash?
How are you eco-friendly if your containers are made of plastic?