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Why is it Good For Me?

Why Are So Many People 'Going Nuts' ?

"Sticking to my ideals of ahimsa with our surroundings both people and nature. For the same purpose, I depend on BubbleNut Wash, my chemical and eco-friendly detergent, to keep my clothes clean without any chemicals and toxins in them after my sweaty practice"

Divya Suresh, Yoga Trainer and Practioner

"In this time of pandemic where everyone wants to be safe, I too at my age am conscious about what I use. I live an eco-friendly and organic lifestyle, and use BubbleNut Wash - a hand wash liquid that helps me keep my self free from all germs and infections without the use of chemicals. It is gentle on the skin, and hence I am overwhelmed with this product"

Uma Devi, Teacher

"I was looking for a floor cleaner with natural ingredients and chemical-free. I was happy when I found a BubbleNut Wash that uses soapnut as its main ingredient. My floors are clean at home, and my pet can sleep anywhere anytime, and I have no tension about that as is it pet-friendly and Zero Toxins.”

Sandhya Menezes, Educationist

"Dishwashing is my bit to support my family. I have enjoyed the process ever since I started using BubbleNut Wash Liquid dish wash. It acts tough on grease and stains and Leaves no residues on any vessel. It is exceptionally gentle on the hand. It adds to my eco-friendly lifestyle. “

Roshan M, Private Sector