About Soapnuts

Soapnuts – Our Everyday Hero

Catching up on the 'Newest-Oldest' cleaning method in the eco-friendly world is the hero of all our products—Soapnuts/Indian Soap Berries. Grown from what is conventionally known as the 'Ritha Tree', it takes nine years for the first fruit to come through and then onwards yields nuts for the next ninety years. Surprisingly, we have been unaware that soapnuts are and were many households' favourite cleaning agent, both rural and urban, for many years. Be it laundry or cleaning with soapnuts, Indians have always used them. Unfortunately, commercialization has obscured the presence of these magic nuts and their powers from us, and here we are unveiling the hero of all our products to you.

Soapnut does not shy away from cleaning any surface. There is no secret, but it is truly a "marvel of nature." It can only boast of its high quality and multiple and useful characteristics, yet it is a humble and gentle nut on a tree. Inside the fruit's shell are extracts known as saponin, a natural and effective surfactant that rapidly reduces the surface tension of liquids and allows for easy flow throughout the water and the release of dirt, oils, and grime.



 How  are Soapnuts Harvested?

The golden-brown fluid extracted from soapnuts is harvested from trees that grow wild on the Himalayan slopes and in deep forests in peninsular India. These locations are untouched by modern developments and inhabited by indigenous tribes with primordial lifestyles. Wild harvested soapnuts from these locations are free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and other synthetic agricultural inputs. BubbleNut Wash works directly with these women from the tribes and trains them in sustainable harvesting, sorting, grading, drying, and storing of soapnuts in their habitat. BubbleNut Wash then purchases soapnuts from these women at 400-500 per cent of market value, effectively doubling their income and assisting them in the fight against malnutrition and starvation.


What can I do with Soapnuts?

Soapnuts, on the other hand, are a completely natural, organic, and effective multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean anything.washes clothes, dishes, delicate fabrics, ornaments, works as a household cleaner, and the list can go on.

Just because it is natural doesn't mean it is weak. Soapnuts can be powerful. Well, with great power comes greater responsibility. The 'nut' in Soapnut is allergen-free. Unlike other nuts that may cause allergies, soapnut is actually a berry that is hypoallergenic and hence perfect for people with sensitive skin, babies, and pets. 

With so many unbelievable benefits, we need to remind you that soap nuts are only useful if you start adopting them in your lifestyle. At BubbleNut Wash, our endeavour has been to enable mindful consumers of the 21st century to adopt the ageless soapnut cleaning recipes into their lives in the most convenient ways. 

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Even the most prominent villains, the most dangerous threats, have been defeated and put away for good, but have chemicals and artificial agents, mother nature's biggest threats, been abolished? Our earth provides us with soapnuts, her agents waiting for you to call upon them to defeat the long-running toxic rule of chemicals in our lives.

Finding a washing machine that automatically folds clothes may seem nearly impossible, but being aware of what you put inside the washing machine is definitely possible, and it starts with you.