About Us

Who We Are

BubbleNut Wash is a brand of natural detergents that brings out some of nature’s gifts in formats that consumers can readily use in their daily lives.

Why BubbleNut Wash?

With the rapid pace of industrialization in the last twenty years, excessive exposure to chemicals has become a way of life. From brushing our teeth in the morning to having dinner at our favorite restaurant, we seem to consume chemicals either through food or personal care products. BubbleNut Wash provides a natural alternative that can replace chemical-intensive products from our lifestyle. In doing so, it also seeks to create income streams for communities living in and around forest areas in India. BubbleNut Wash works with communities in order to create a sustainable source of income from collecting products from the forest that otherwise would be cut for wood.

The Idea That Became A Project

BubbleNut Wash is a brand of cruelty-free, vegan and natural detergent that was conceived by an Indian student out of the need to provide a reliable source of livelihood to rural communities living in and around particular forest areas in India. BubbleNut Wash has taken up the task to work to identify unique forest products that have market potential in the mainstream society and can hence benefit the community economically.

The Idea

Totaling over 100 million, the indigenous people are insulated from the technological, social and economic advancements of the modern world. While many of these people have never been to a school, they spend most of their time on the farms to grow enough for themselves or forage through the forests for food, fuel and medicinal herbs. Thanks to living in the lap of nature, the forest communities have accumulated a great knowledge system in utilizing herbs, fruits, flowers, seeds, nuts and barks of the forests in their lifestyles. Adding  business skills and education to this knowledge, BubbleNut Wash propagates the use of these organic forest products and helps the local communities.

The Project

Soapnuts are natural cleaning medium that have been used for hair wash, dish wash and laundry wash for centuries. However, these nuts grow on some of the toughest terrains, either on the Himalayan slopes or deep inside the forests of peninsular India. BubbleNut Wash works mobilizes unprivileged rural women into producer groups who work to collect soapnuts all through Autumn and Spring seasons. They sort, grade, dry, pack and ship soapnuts for washing machine use. The market access provided by BubbleNut Wash enables women producer groups to generate additional income that can be spent on their children’s education and health.