What are the ingredients of BubbleNut Wash detergent products?

BubbleNutWash is a completely organic laundry detergent made out of soapnuts harvested from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, which is native to various parts of India. The outer shells of the soapnuts contain high concentrations of saponins that has allowed them to be used as detergents for centuries


How does BubbleNut Wash compare to conventional detergents in the overall laundry/consumer experience?

BubbleNut Wash comes with the peace of mind of using a detergent with no artificial chemicals and that is safe for you and your loved ones. Many consumers have reported that their clothes come out softer compared to a conventional detergent wash. It especially suits people with allergies. It can be used safely in both front load and top load machines.



Where is BubbleNut Wash made?

Soap nuts are collected by underprivileged rural women in the forest communities of Karnataka, Orissa and in the Himalayan state of Uttarrakhand, India. The producer groups work to collect soapnuts in  autumn and spring. They sort, grade, dry, pack and ship soap nuts which are then processed in our facility in Bangalore.


How does BubbleNut Wash help underprivileged communities and groups?

Our suppliers are chosen among communities that struggle to make ends meet. Our procurement program empowers women to contribute to household income, which research shows enhances their bargaining power in family level decision-making. The soapnuts grow in the backyards of these women’s homes, requiring little additional labour and time.


BubbleNut Wash and stains

For stains that are hard to remove we recommend pre-treatment with BubbleNut Wash Laundry bar, before washing the stained clothes.