Laundry Detergent

Is it suitable for all fabrics? Can I use it for daily wash/cleaning without any damage to garments? Can white clothes be washed too?
I am a sportsperson. I sweat and stain my clothes a lot. Is it as useful as stronger detergents with chemicals in them?
Are your products completely organic, natural, vegan, and biodegradable?
Can I use it on my infant’s garments?
I am prone to skin allergies; is it safe for me? Do you use any fragrances?
Can I use it for top-load and front-load machines? How much to use?
Why does your product only have a light fragrance after wash?
How are you eco-friendly if your containers are made of plastic?

Dish Wash

Will this affect my skin while doing dishes?
Why should I purchase your dishwashing liquid?
What is the main cleaning agent in this liquid?
Can we use this in a dishwasher?
How well does it remove grease?
How safe are the residues left after the wash?
Can I use it to wash my infant’s bowls and bottles?
Is the water okay to be poured into my garden?

Floor Cleaner

Can it be used on all types of flooring?
Is it as effective as the more potent chemical-based cleaners in killing germs?
I have pets at home. Is it safe to clean their area with your detergent?
How can a cleaning agent be vegan?
Does this have any harmful fumes or acids?
Are containers reusable?
Will five liters be enough for three months?
Do you have any certification that you are vegan or anti-animal cruelty?

Hand Wash

Does this product come under sustainable living?
Is it disinfecting hand wash?
Will it cause any infection if I wash with a cut or burn?
Is your company okay with disclosing all ingredients used in the products?
Can the hand wash be used in a regular liquid soap dispenser? Or does it require a special foam dispenser?
Does the temperature of water matter?
Will my hands smell good after I wash them using this hand wash?
How much liquid is required for a clean hand wash?
Why is it costlier than regular store-bought liquids?