How Do We Tackle Plastic Waste

We are fully committed to reducing plastic waste. Given below are various ways in which consumers can reduce plastic while using BubbleNut Wash products:

1. Opting for a larger bulk pack (5-litre cans) over a smaller pack

2. If you are in Bangalore, carry your container to one of our refilling stations, where you can buy all our products completely package-free. Or Whatsapp us on +91 72047 10875  to place an order for door-step refills.

3. If you are outside Bangalore, consider returning empty bottles to us for sterilisation and reuse. We plant one tree on your behalf for every four bottles returned. We have made it easy and inexpensive for you to send back the empty bottles through our tie-up with India Post.  Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Pack your empty can in the original carton box it came in. Write " By VPP'  on it.

Step 2: Print a copy of this form. Details have already been filled. You just have to write your own name and address.  

Step 3: Walk into the nearest India Post Office and deposit the box along with the form.  You might have to a nominal amount ( around Rs 10), but this ampunt will be returned back to you at your doorstep by India Post once we receive the parcel.


We ensure you can use our products completely guilt-free.

Feel free to reach out to us on Whatsapp at +91 72047 10875  if you have any questions about this!