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Natural & Organic - Home Cleaners -Starter Kit

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  • FREEDOM FROM TOXINS - Regular home cleaners clean, but they leave behind toxic residues. Soapnuts are great natural alternatives!

  • RE-LIVE GRANDMA'S NATURAL LIFESTYLE- Our products are inspired by authentic grandma's soapnut recipes for home cleaning 

  • AVOID ALLERGIES - Reduce risks of skin allergies, eczema, psoriasis due to harsh cleaners, esp. for babies, pets, kids and people with sensitive skin

  • CARE FOR ENVIRONMENT - After-wash waste water is so safe that it can be used to water plants or stored for re-use

  • GO ZERO-WASTE - We accept empty plastic cans  and re-use them after sanitisation.

    WHAT YOU GETLaundry Liquid 500 ml , Dishwash Liquid 500 ml , Floor Cleaner 500 ml , Handwash 250 ml

Why BubbleNut Wash?

What Media Writes About Us!

  • Key Benefits

Regular Cleaners
BubbleNut Wash

SLS ( Causes Skin rashes)

1,4 - Dioxane (Cancer Risks)

Soda ( Harsh on Clothes)

Bleach ( Harsh on Clothes)

Parabens (Toxic)

Optical Brightener (allergen)

Phthalates ( Cancer Risks)

Synthetic Colour (Allergen)

 Users Raving About Us..  

Educationist Sandhya Menezes turns A New Leaf!

"Ever since the start of Covid pandemic, me and my family's health has become number one priority. I switched to healthier organic fruits and veggies to boost immunity. I have also taken conscious efforts to reduce unwanted and toxic chemicals in home cleaner products that might affect my health. Hence switching to BubbleNut Wash was an easy choice as the products are made from soapnuts. The products smell great, are easy on skin and also takes care of environment."

Yoga Trainer Divya Suresh Finally Finds Cleaners Made For Yogis!

"There is no better feeling than an hour of early morning Yoga. However, after my sweaty practice, I am aware of how my skin is exposed to harsh and toxic detergent residues on my clothes. I make sure I wash my clothes with a non-toxic and natural detergent such as BubbleNut Wash that is made from soapnuts. In fact, I have also started using the soapnut-based dishwash and floor cleaner."

Why Do We Exist...

"After working for 5 years as an investment analyst in Delhi and Mumbai, I felt stifled by the typical urban lifestyle - food laden with chemicals, toxic air and environment. I quit my job to work as a full-time volunteer at an NGO, managing rural development projects in remote, untouched  forest areas of India. It is in these villages that I saw how nature has given us all the means to take care of our needs. From food, to medicines to doing laundry, families in forest areas used local herbs, fruits and flowers to meet their needs, living in sync with nature.

I was particularly fascinated by one such fruit called 'Soapnut' which the tribal families used for their cleaning needs. I would watch the tribal children pluck a few fresh soapnuts from the trees, crush them with stone and add some water to create rich foam. They would then use them for washing their clothes, utensils and also getting a nice body-wash by the river stream.

As I moved to the UK to pursue my MBA at the University of Oxford, I decided to focus my energy on building a plan to create natural and safe detergents from soapnuts. Along with my batch mates and faculty at Oxford, I was able to create the blueprint for what is now BubbleNut Wash. We procure soapnuts or 'BubbleNuts' from over 100 tribal families in Karnataka, Odisha and the Himalayas at 4-5 time the market prices providing them with much-needed livelihood. I welcome you to join us in our mission.


People Usually Ask

1. What are Soapnuts? I have never heard of them

Soapnuts grow wild in deep forest areas across India, including the Himalayas. They are really unique in the sense they make rich  foam in water with amazing  cleaning properties. They have been used for washing laundry, dishes, and even for body wash for centuries.  

2. Can the laundry liquid be used in washing machines?

Yes you can use laundry liquid in both front load and top load washing machines 

3. Are these products biodegradable?

Yes our products biodegrade 20 times faster than regular cleaning products

4. Do you have bigger packs as well?

Yes, we have larger packs for each products in 1 Lit, 1.8Lits and 5 Lits. If you like the starter pack, you can switch to bigger packs as they are cost savers.

5. How long does delivery usually take?

Nationwide delivery usually takes around 3-5 business days. We will provide you with a tracking number for you to stay updated with the delivery.

6. Do these products clean well?

Of course yes! People swear by the cleaning efficacy of soapnuts. 

7. How do I recycle the empty plastic packs?

You can save the outer packing and the empty bottles and deposit  it at the nearest post office. We will take care of shipping charges. 

8. Where are your products manufactured?

All products are manufactured at our own facility in Bangalore, led by under-privileged women.  Not outsourcing manufacturing, allows us to have tighter controls on product quality

9: Are your products tested on animals?

No! We are PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free 

10: Are all these products paraben -free?

Yes all products are paraben-free

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