Laundry care tips: Summer Edition

Laundry care tips: Summer Edition - BubbleNut Wash

Summer is here, and with it comes Fashion, food and visiting family and friends! Be it the Summer whites or sweaty tees, delicate fabrics, and colorful bathing suits, Summer is our time to outshine the sun with our fashion sense

With this also comes a need to take extra care of these particular white jeans or the delicate silk fabrics because summer fabrics are pretty to wear but even harder to maintain!

BubbleNut wash works all year long to take care of your needs during all seasons to make the process eco-friendly, clean and natural. Some of our laundry tips for Summer laundry care is the Three – 'S' mantra (Separate, Sweat & stain and Sustainable)

Separating clothes
Separating your whites from the colors and delicate clothes is an essential must-do.
Sometimes our busy schedules don't allow us to sort through!
Having two buckets or bins to set aside automatically sorts them out for you
BubbleNut wash laundry liquid; it makes life easier and cleaner for everyone.

Summer Stains & Sweat
Be it a Barbecue stain or those picnic grass marks, so many things that prevent our clothes from looking spick in the Summer!
Instead of wasting your time worrying about it, soak your clothes in the gentle yet organic solid & eco-friendly BubbleNut Wash laundry detergent (Click here to Shop), then thoroughly rinse it
We fight for you so that you can sweat again


Sustainable laundry
In our article on "Does your sense of Fashion affects the ocean", we advise you to choose a suitable laundry detergent. Chemicals make Summer unbearable. The disgusting residues make it more challenging for your fabric to breathe. A natural eco-friendly laundry is a key to a sustainable, fun summer. Think smart, become eco-friendly. Prevent the earth from being Hot all year long. There won't be any winter laundry clothing tips for you then. Click here to shop for BubbleNut wash Organic Soapnut based Laundry Detergent


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