BubbleNutWash And Health

Adverse health impact of conventional detergents is usually underplayed. While they make your clothes smell really fresh, conventional laundry detergents usually contain toxic elements that have adverse health impact. These chemicals are either in-haled by users during the drying cycle when volatile organic compounds are released or directly enter the bloodstream through the skin. Many of the chemicals continue to remain as residues on the clothes even after washing and continue to be in close contact with the skin.

It may be difficult to get a full list of ingredients for your detergent, however the main chemicals to avoid are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), Di-oxane, Nonylphenol Ethoxylate as they are linked to serious diseases such as cancer, kidney and liver damage, hormonal imbalances, sperm count reduction and disturbed metabolism.

BubbleNut Wash was started out of the need to give chemical-free options to consumers so that we can keep those harmful chemicals at bay. Soapnuts used in BubbleNut Wash come from trees growing wild in the Himalayas or in forests of peninsular India. By nature’s design, BubbleNut Wash is free from SLS, dioxanes, phophates, bleach, artificial fragrance and artificial colours and is hypoallergenic. Many users have experienced improvement in their skin conditions of eczema and psoriasis after switching to soapnuts.

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