Hair Care With Soapnuts

Hair Care With Soapnuts - BubbleNut Wash

Hair can be long and wavy, short and straight, frizzy and unmanageable, or smooth and shiny. Hair comes in many different lengths, styles, colours, and textures. Yet just about everyone — no matter what kind of hair they have — falls prey to at least one hair problem at some point in life. We know that many popular food items are loaded with toxic ingredients, but what you may not know is that shampoo and most of the other personal products we use every day are also full of bad stuff. What’s more, they are not strictly regulated by authorities that eliminate use of toxic chemicals. This means manufacturers can put in anything they want to, including cheap toxic chemicals with highly harmful effects on the body and hair


Against this background its worth sharing with you the brilliant, proven formula used for centuries and perfected by every grandma in India for washing your hair and preventing those problems. There are many alternatives to foaming products that can be used on our bodies and are safe. Soapnut, or reetha, is one of the most popular herbs in Ayurveda. It is an all-natural, eco-friendly fruit that possesses anti-bacterial properties. When it comes in contact with water, it creates mild suds that resemble soap. Many of us are well aware of the benefits of soap nuts for our hair.


  • The soapy texture of soapnut makes it a wonderful ingredient in many hair care and skin care products all over the world.
  • Vitamins A, D, E, and K found in this fruit are known to impart shine to your hair and make it smooth.
  • Since soapnut is antimicrobial in nature, it is a good option to cure bacterial and other scalp infections.
  • Soapnuts are the best for hair growth. Hence, they are used in many natural hair tonics and solutions. They are used as powdered or liquid reetha to achieve thick and bouncy hair.
  • Soapnuts also exhibit insecticidal properties that help in killing lice on the scalp.
  • Powdered soapnuts are known to fight various problems affecting the scalp, including dandruff.
  • Soapnuts tame dry and frizzy hair, condition it and make it more manageable.
  • Soapnuts also detangle your hair so that it can be easily styled.
  • The regular usage of Reetha hair wash can reduce split ends to a great extent.

    Next time you are having one of those bad hair days, do give soapnuts a fair chance!

    In addition to hairwash, soapnuts can also be used to formulate toxic-free home cleaners.

    Do check out our range of soapnut based cleaners.

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