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Laundry care tips: Summer Edition - BubbleNut Wash

Laundry care tips: Summer Edition

A quick guide to wash your clothes during the summer , chemical free and with 100 % Organic Detergents

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BubbleNutWash And Health - BubbleNut Wash

BubbleNut Wash And Health

The adverse health impact of conventional detergents is usually underplayed. While they make your clothes smell really fresh, conventional laundry detergents usually contain toxic elements that have an adverse health impact. These chemicals are either inhaled by users during the drying cycle when volatile organic compounds are released or directly enter the bloodstream through the skin. Many of the chemicals continue to remain as residues on the clothes even after washing and continue to be in close contact with the skin.   It may be difficult to get a full list of ingredients for your detergent, but the main chemicals...

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