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how today's synthetic laundry detergent effects the environment and health and the importance of the eco-friendly bio degradable green laundry detergent

Importance of eco-friendly, bio-degradable & green laundry detergent

Laundry detergents became popular after the second world war, boosted by industry evolution and greater adoption of washing machines. Since then, there have been a lot of changes in the chemical formulation of detergents. Over time, several key players and FMCG conglomerates have attempted to dominate this sector. The high competition and capitalist mindset of the large players force them to come up with new, innovative and attractive products. This innovation could be in terms of organizations’ price strategy, product strategy, advertisement campaigns that make the products perceived as better. These strategies may lead the companies to increase their market...

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All about your laundry detergent and best organic laundry detergent available safe for babies, pets and sensitive skins

All about your laundry detergent and best organic laundry detergent options

Your preferred brand of laundry detergent might leave a fresh look and pleasant smell on your clothes but do you know what’s inside your laundry detergent and how it could be harmful to your skin, clothes, and environment ?In this blog, we will look for some of the common ingredients used in laundry detergents and their effects on the skin. We will look for the best organic non-toxic laundry detergent available.Laundry detergent contains ingredients such as fragrances, colors, dyes, bleach, and other compounds that have harmful chemicals that may cause skin problems such as rashes, redness, etc. in both children and adults....

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everything you need to know about the harfmful chemical based laundry detergents and best natural alternative for it

Best natural alternative to harmful chemical-based laundry detergent

Do you know laundry detergents were invented in 1916 in Germany due to a shortage of laundry soaps caused by world war I. And later post-world war II, in the 1950's it got popularized because of the increase in the use of washing machines.Since then the original formula for detergent has been reviewed many times, however, the use of harmful chemicals continues to be prevalent. This poses health hazards and environmental risks too.Let’s look at some of the harmful chemicals present in today's synthetic laundry detergent and their harmful effects. Also, let’s know about the Soapnuts and it’s properties and...

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